29.12.22 What’s the one thing most LinkedIn Experts have in Common?

27.11.22 We all need to be heard, to be listened to, and be part of something. Empathy is a skill. How to you practise it? 

23.11.22 Have you heard of the Stamford Marshmallow Experiment? Read on...

17.10.22All hands on the hub! On Sunday we moved the hub framework at #rosamundcommunitygarden. It survived the shift, and seems very settled. We are excited about planting climbers up it and it'll be a good spot for our Christmas Wreath making workshop on 10th Dec from 10am - 12pm.  Info

13.10.22 It was 2015

We were on a Kilimanjaro training walk with some of the older kids from the international school where I was teaching.  We came across this dry river bed and the guide paused to chat with these "dadas".

They were digging for water, washing their laundry in the bowls, and collecting the rest to take back to drink and cook with.

Most of the firewood in the area had been used up, so they were unable to boil or treat the water.

It's an image that often springs to my mind.

9.10.22 3 Things I’ve Designed In Canva This Week CLICK

9.10.22 An unexpected discovery whilst saying goodbye to ghosts. VIEW


4.10.22 Steve Page invited me to share some top networking tips at the Surrey Event Professionals Launch. I wore my tie-dyed vintage jumpsuit that I'd recently picked up in the pop-up shop in Brighton.  Pic here.

3.10.22 September saw the official launch of the "Sustainable Business Network", a joint venture between Zero Carbon Guildford and the University of Surrey

Join us again on October 17th at ZERO Guildford, GU1 4EH, where Lauren Wiseman, will be helping us explore the WWF-UK "Sustainable Office Guide", which helps cut through the complexity of building sustainability goals into your business.

Please note, the September event sold out quickly.

Register for the Sustainable Business Network and events here

1.10.22“Doughnut Economics” by Kate Raworth.

This event was excellently facilitated by Olivia at Zero Carbon Guildford, as part of #greatbiggreenweek

It got us thinking about our local society - our issues, opportunities, and solutions.

So now I know more about Doughnut Economics.

Hopefully, you’ll join an interactive session with us in the future too.

By the way, I was particularly interested in the “Network” zone and encouraging more people onto LinkedIn to get business connecting. engaging and joining these sort of conversations. What do you reckon? Comment here.

3.10.22 I created this little infographic.

30.9.22 After this week's "Net Zero 360: Roadmap to your Business' Net Zero Journey" at Zero Carbon Guildford with #LoCASE. we were encouraged to take a few bananas from the Community Fridge. I grabbed three pretty squishy, blackening ones and made a banana cake. It's pictured below at a "Macmillan Coffee Morning" hosted by REBECCA Newenham. It tasted all right I reckon.

29.9.22 E-bike E-book Practical Guide  by Jane Tyson

A short practical guide to help you with an e-bike ride!

This isn’t about buying flashy gear or cycling abroad for a year.

Just a simple way to get out and gently pedal on an e-bike in most weather. 

A little book about building up confidence for those who want to get back on their saddle.  

With tips about what to look for when buying an e-bike and how to use it.

I have two bikes - an inherited foldaway Brompton, and a flashy e-bike which I purchased when I was 50 as I knew that “empty-nest syndrome” was just around the corner: my solution to a mid-life crisis.

I’m going to be adding more to this guide, so if you do download it, I’ll email you the random updates. 

Read it here

Please send your feedback and suggestions here

24.9.22 Aeroponics

In 1992, whilst backpacking in Australia I visited my forward-thinking Uncle Chris and family, who had set up a hydroponic lettuce farm. I helped out for a couple of days.

I wonder what they'll make of Aeroponics - an even healthier, high-yielding, and sustainable way to grow nutrient-dense food.

Sarah “Swift” @zerocarbonguildford organised this wonderful tour with Will, the owner @applegarthfarm. The lunch was equally awesome.

Contact Will for aeroponic info and pricing

Check out my video of the day here.

9.9.22 He'd only just returned from Pakistan

His large black bags were strewn across the lounge floor, and the washing piled high.

The call came.

“It’s serious, all the family have flown to Balmoral,” he said.

Shortly after his taxi arrived.

Rainbow over Windsor Castle as the Palace announce the death of Queen Elizabeth II via

Paul Tyson on Twitter

#queenelizabeth #itnnews

9.9.22 From Ruth No Middle Name Stone "I've been making my own household cleaners for years now.

I've yet to crack the formula for a dishwasher tab that doesn't leave streaks - but these 3 products have been my go-to cleaning products for all around the house and in the #BurphamYurt for a long time.

I mentioned them to Jane Tyson last time we met and she asked me to make her a set, so I did so today.

The use of fruit peel and essential oils means they not only have antibacterial properties but also they have a powerful and pleasant smell which combats less pleasant odours and lingers for a good period after cleaning.

What's more they're cheaper and more #environmentallyfriendly than shop-bought solutions.

PLUS the very small print on the label of commercial cleaning products does not tell you what's in them - unless you've got a PHD in Chemistry.

The only thing I ever understand from the labels is that most household cleaners are mainly water which means you're paying for something you could get from a tap AND buying more #plastic than you need to transport it from the shop to your home.

Collectively I call them #GreenerCleaners. If you are interested in trying them or finding out how to make your own let me know... Comment here.

#BurphamWellbeing #PlanetFriendlyProducts #lowwasteliving

6.9.22 Silver Gilt for our wildlife garden and a gold for Guildford Community Garden. #gib2022

1.9.22 My first day as a "Sustainable Business Network Officer" I attempted to dress for the role.  What to wear for the launch on the 14th? Join me here.


29.8.22 I'd just popped out on my bike to Peaslake Fair to see Pete and the bees and bought these:

16.8.22 Not me.

Apparently, everyone has heard of it though.

I was too scared to watch Killing Eve, so I didn't know anything about Jodie Comer.

Her solo performance as Tessa in "Prima Facie" by Suzie Miller was simply astonishing, an awakening.

The West End run finished a couple of months ago. so my teenage daughter and I watched it at the cinema via "National Theatre Lives".

Something has to change...

#PrimaFaciePlay #jodiecomer #ntlive #cinema 

Image  https://twitter.com/estreetprods

4.8.22 Quiet Skies by Sarah Davies

You may have noticed the skies are now very quiet 🤫. Missing a certain acrobatic creature of the heavens. Click to find out why 

3.8.22 A Random Dialogue from Philip Parker  @parkerpj01  Hi Jane I attach musings inspired by the recent/current heatwave and a pioneering book that celebrates its 60th birthday and has influenced many. Plus pic of book jacket:


The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

You don’t need me to mention the record-breaking heatwave we suffered last month. The day before it peaked, as some of our national papers told Britons to enjoy the sun and not listen to the ‘snowflake’ agitators about a climate crisis, I took from my bookshelf The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. The landmark book exposed the impact of profligate use of pesticides and other chemicals in agriculture in the 1940s and ‘50s. It’s decades since I read it. It was published exactly 60 years ago, and I was curious as to whether such an old book, written well before the term ‘climate change’ was coined, remained relevant.

The book is special to me. I grew up with it on my parent’s bookshelf. Reading it and watching David Attenborough’s pioneering docs like Life on Earth, instilled in me a passion for nature.

‘Silent Spring’ is a brilliant title, much mimicked. It stems from American birdwatchers who reported a steady decline in species in the 1950s. Carson was a respected US biologist and nature writer who investigated the reasons for the loss. With a rare gift for conveying science to a lay audience, she summarised a huge amount of research and statistics and funnelled this into a coherent argument - and a call to action to oppose the scorched earth policy of pesticide use.

At the time of her writing, nature was very much considered an ‘it’ – something to be mastered and used, whether in maximising food output, or as a dump for industrial waste. Carson pioneered a more Earth-centric literature, questioning the duality of ‘us’ distinct from nature.

Two years after its publication she died from cancer. She had to suffer vilification and attacks from vested interests like the pesticide manufacturers while ill, and she countered this with clarity and courage. She left a book that serves as a template for clear and great writing, and arguably was the genesis of the modern environmental movement, kickstarting public debate in earnest.

Reading it again, I found that something stands out more than ever. There’s a subtext that says: you won’t save something you don’t love. Her love for the natural world sings out from the ink on every page. Given the overheated month we had, does her 60-year-old writing remain relevant? The excerpt below answers.

“We stand now where two roads diverge. But unlike the roads in Robert Frost’s familiar poem, they are not equally fair. The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster. The other fork of the road — the one less travelled by — offers our last, our only chance to reach a destination that assures the preservation of the earth.”

From Silent Spring, 1962

18.7.22 “How To Have Naturally Happy Skin” with Gemma, founder of PUREMESS caught in action at Burpham Wellfest 17th July.

“The Great Abstract Swindle” by the artist living in the shadows

24.6.22 This will help to realign your chakras! 

"The Whole Tooth" by the artist living in the shadows

12.6.22 "No Regrets" 

In 2014, I wrote 3 goals in my bedside writing book:


1 we live in a quirky house

2 with a beautiful view

3 my children play out freely


Three months later, I accepted a teaching job at an international school in Arusha, Tanzania.


We arrived in August around midnight, and were driven from the airport to campus in one of the school’s minibuses. We sat down at the kitchen table, in our unusual concrete-floored house, eating the jam and bread they’d left out for us. I remember how still, quiet and starry the night was, and how excited we were about our adventure.


The next morning, our children, aged 6 and 8, quickly made new friends and scampered off exploring the vast campus, surrounded by a coffee plantation. Our porch was planted with papaya trees and spiky aloe vera plants. We were overlooked by the majestic Mount Meru volcano, which we climbed on a three-day family trek towards the end of our stay. This was a few months after I’d summited Mount Kilimanjaro. 


The teachers ran clubs on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, mine was a running one and another I titled “Life Coaching For Kids”. Paul got involved with many projects inside and outside of the school, including training staff in First Aid and writing and filming about poaching, when he wasn’t called away to war zones for work.


My blog was called “No Regrets”, Nanny Gill is helping me turn it into a book. She came to visit us too.

9.6.22 "Protecting Our Pollinators" with Peter Smith 

Over 50% of the earth's insects have disappeared since the 1970s & 41% of those remaining are threatened with extinction. 

Peter will be sharing a talk called "Protecting Our Pollinators" at  ZERO in Guildford on Friday 10th June from 7.30 pm. 14 Friary Street GU1 4EH. 

He has also written a blog for this week’s Random Dialogues, Friday 6:08 am newsletter.

Follow #protectourpollinators #randomdialogues54

3.6.22 A "PATTY PAUSE" for Kaz's famous vegan patties at Streatham Station ahead of today's cycling adventure. I put some pics on Instagram.

30.5.22  "We're going on a matchbox treasure hunt!" Monday 30th May from 10 am to noon. Book here

20.5.22  Meet Paz. She wants to be a marine biologist. We are working on this together. 

20.5.22  You may never look at a postage stamp in the same way again…  Read on

19.5.22  Jason's contribution to this Friday's 6:08 am newsletter ⤵️

8.5.22  Georgia, Jacqui and Rachel warming up ahead of their 5K swim for this weekend's swimathon at Guildford Lido for Cancer Research and Marie Curie.  Click here to read why Rachel is supporting these great causes.  Where are you called to dare to make a difference?

#randomdialogues #swimathon22 #guildford

8.5.22 Why plant Hawthorn - Crataegus Monogyna?  via the Woodland Trust:-

'Common hawthorn can support more than 300 insects. It is the foodplant for caterpillars of many moths, including the hawthorn, orchard ermine, pear leaf blister, rhomboid tortrix, light emerald, lackey, vapourer, fruitlet mining tortrix, small eggar and lappet moths. Its flowers are eaten by dormice and provide nectar and pollen for bees and other pollinating insects. The haws are rich in antioxidants and are eaten by many migrating birds such as redwings, fieldfares and thrushes, as well as small mammals.

The dense thorny foliage makes fantastic nesting shelter for many species of birds'

Have you noticed it blooming abundantly here in the UK?  Please share your pics here too. 

7.5.22 WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? @zerocarbonguildford?  A random dialogue with Neil, a local Surrey activist from @greenpeaceuk  VIDEO HERE

copy via  ZERO, Guildford ⤵️

"We're sick of all the plastic pollution! And we're going to do something about it! 

ZERO are supporting @greenpeaceuk and Everyday Plastic in The Big Plastic Count and it's maybe the easiest thing for you to get involved with that will make a MAJOR impact.

It's simple: count all your single use plastics between 16 - 22 May. That's it! When the week is over,  all the figures will be tallied and Greenpeace will use this information to lobby the government to reduce single use plastic in the UK by 50% AND stop exporting our plastics to other countries. 

We need as many households, schools and businesses in our community to sign up! Let's show the govt that this is an issue for us and we're prepared to do something about it!

So please, please register to count your plastics for just ONE week, tag us in a post about your involvement, and let's support each other to reduce our plastic consumption in #Guildford and #Surrey. 

Register HERE"

#bigplasticcount #ramblingdialogues 

7.5.22 Excited to have just qualified as a "Ramblers Wellbeing Walk Leader"

Pictured walking with my sister, Kay in the Dolomites in 2003, and doing yoga on Kilimanjaro in 2014! What's on your bucket list?

24.4.22 NATURE SMALL WAYS TO HELP "Conserving our natural environment can seem daunting and out of our control, but each of us can make a meaningful difference with a handful of small personal choices" by Alex Rose

Full article in this quarter's Burpham Pages, link in comments.

via Alex's mum Katerina Rose

#rosamundcommunitygarden #growingteenagers #sdgs #climateaction #randomdialogues 

23.4.22 Ruth

20.4.22 My mate Tom loved this Brompton bike. He used to go on about it but I didn't pay too much attention to his, "Blah blah Brompton this, blah blah Brompton that."

Tom passed away a couple of years ago and his partner (my mother in law) recently gave it to me. She just knew.

I love its lightness, ease of carrying and it is great fun to ride.

Much that I missed my electric bike's boost button on Greenwich Hill today, it wasn't as much as I missed my mate Tom.

I've definitely become a blah blah Brompton.

Pay attention to the small, foldable things in life. 

19.4.22 Jo Didn't Know  breaking the silence on menopause

A Random Dialogue with Joanne McGowan. Join us live on Tuesday 19th April at 9.00 am (GMT+1).

#randomdialogues53.  Set your reminder on Facebook, LinkedIn or Youtube

14.4.22 Morning Cycle

I had a headache, so rather than relying on painkillers plus driving to a job that I had on today, I got on my ebike early instead.  Pain disolved. 

10.4.22 Why Cycling Is Bad For You


10.4.22 8 things I learned On Today’s Cycling Adventure

Macaroons are nice to eat,

When you’re feeling like something sweet,

You can gobble it up and not even share,

And then you hear “that’s not fair!” 

Original post here

9.4.22 Canva For Beginners.  The Next Step

7.4.22 The hardest thing about educating people about what you do is not always knowing what you do yourself. 

What a to DO!   

Many businesses are on multiple platforms, and their marketing messages are often inconsistent and unclear.   

This week, I caught up with Clive, who I'd met at "My Team" hosted by Keith Grover.  

Clive's a fantastic inconsistency spotter (note to self). 

CLICK to read one of his recent articles, and check out his consistent newsletters (no pressure!). 

30.3.22 A new MIC

30.3.22 An exciting delivery

27.3.22 In this video, Marc Jarret shares the power of virtual networking during a panel session at the UK Startup Funding Conference at the University of Surrey in Guildford UK. 

At the time of writing this, March 27th 2022, Marc runs 230 WhatsApp groups to facilitate virtual business networking. These cover a wide range of subjects such as Real-Estate, M&A, Commodities, eCommerce, Automotive, construction, fashion, all kinds of tech, Powerful Women – you name it, there’s a WhatsApp group for everyone!

Here's an article he's written called "Virtual Business Networking For Dummies" 

With thanks to Marc for inviting me to the start-up funding event at the Surrey University, in Guildford UK.  

It was good to connect and catch up with various attendees. I look forward to the next one. 

More about this event and other panelists and speakers here.

#startup #ukstartupfunding #guildford #wattsapgroups #ukstartupfundingconference 

26.3.22 It was John

9.1.21  There is something soothing and settling simply sitting together in a circle. Even better outdoors.

The children collected random logs to perch on for our one minute of silence. They noticed more birdsong, the parachute billowing loudly in the wind, and a distant plane. Afterwards we shared our news and random thoughts.

It didn’t take long for the Robin to have a nose, she came even closer today, and seemed fatter and bolder.

We went for a quiet walk to look again at the changes Winter had gifted. We didn’t need a worksheet to tick or clipboard to obscure our eyes. The children were led by their own interests and enthusiasm, fully present to the spirit of nature.

Soon after, they had a “respectful” play, scurrying off to build bug houses, dens and climb trees, unplanned, agenda-less learning.

Nature knows.

#forestimmersiontechnique #projectoakleaf

4.1.21  Super Feedback from today's "Canva For Beginners Level 2" zoom training:

CLICK to book Canva For Beginners Level 2.

4.1.21  How To Make An Immune Boosting Chicken Stock From Scratch! Read on...

2.1.21  Magic Goes Wrong at the Apollo, Shafestbury Avenue, London

Pictured here with Sally not John. 

30.12.21  Canva For Beginners Level 1 Live Training on Saturday 1st January at 9.00 pm (GMT)

In addition to my live zoom group calls, I'm recording one so you can watch it at your leisure! Set your reminder below for Sundays, or watch on replay.

29.12.21 Random Dialogues 51 with Jason Arbiter (not Woody Allen). The No Agenda AGM. 

It's bloody tough running being a business owner, and around 90% of start-ups fail in their first year.  

In this Random Dialogues video recorded live on Streamyard, Jason teachers us why he wouldn't recommend setting up a jewellery business.  

We also talk about his multitude of artistic talents and he shares what success looks like for him, how about you?

27.12.21 Where are you called to dare to make a difference?  

This is a wonderful random message to receive "Thank you, God. Thank you universe. Thank you life that I came across Jane Tyson. Jane, I just want to say, thank you for being you.  I carry you everywhere. You are one of the reasons why I can speak so openly in public without any embarrassment. You supported me in the beginning of being Princess Gaia. And I'm very grateful for you being in this world. And if we never see each other again, you are in my heart and from time to time you will hear from me” Julia Hayden  #storytellingforgaia 

22.12.21 Why Surrey Welcomes a New Local Radio Station  Random Dialogues 50

In this video clip, Matt Cadman shares his vision for @literadio and why he is so passionate about supporting the local business community.

Created after I co-hosted December's Business Buzz Surrey.

What did you want to BE when you grew up, where are you called to make a difference? 

Tweeted HERE too. 

With thanks to Mark Blunden for the introduction. 

14.12.21 Is Education Upside Down?

“We do too much “Educare” (Training) and not enough “Educere” (Liberating the unique strengths and interests of children)"  A Random Dialogue with Dr Nick Heap, viewed below or in this blog.


My Grandad, Robert Andrews, opened up the first electrical shop in Putney in 1946 with his de-mob money. They plugged in the first TV in Putney via a BC adapter which plugged into the Light. Dad took over the shop in 1974 when VAT went up to 25%, out of town sheds like Texas came into being, resell price maintenance was ended, rent was trebled...eventually parking restrictions, business rates and the Internet... the beginning of the end for most retailers.

I used to love working in the shop as a Saturday girl and chatting to customers. I sold the occasional hoover bag, battery and lightbulb, even a toaster or kettle.

Today, I visited a lovely domestic applicance store in Knaphill, just to have a sniff and reminisce

13.12.21 Random Dialogues For Kids 

"Jane creates a safe, calming space for children to express themselves.  Over the course of the sessions I've attended, self-consciousness melts away and you'll see that there's nothing like the joy of a child who's done something they didn't think they could do" Jen Gale

Resilient Kids presents "Random Dialogues for Kids"

Natural side effects for kids attending my 1:1 or group sessions are that they naturally learn, feel good and often make new friendships. 

No targets, tick boxes, stickers, or rewards.

I specialise in BEing "in the moment" with kids.

Guided by their interests.

And having fun.


Info about this Thursday 16th December's zoom group session is here.

#hybridteacher #onemumatatime #learningrevolution #educationreform #sirkenrobinson #randomdialogues #kids #education

12.12.21 FOGL

Hot chocolate and nibbles at Sunday's “Friends Of Guildford Lido” Christmas gathering. Pictured with Sadhana who did a wonderful video with me on behalf of Guildford Living Labs -

“Working towards a vision: Clean Air For All” #gcare #Guildford.

More about this also @zerocarbonguildford.

Reel here.

12.12.21 This week my red trousers went on tour.  Plus I got absolutely soaked in storm Barra here!

14.11.21 It's A Full Time Job. Reely

13.11.21 How To Drive 20,000 km To Africa In a 30-Year-Old Transit Van On Your Own  

It was 2018 when I met Dot Bekker and 30-year-old Bluebelle. They were parked in a layby next to Putney Bridge, London and just about to travel back home to Zimbabwe.

The adventure was 20.000 km through 20 countries and Dot was on her own.

Below is a little video I made on the day we met.

Check out #randomdialogues15 on social too and to get the full story of Dot’s successful journey and her ongoing inspirational updates head to her Facebook page here. Even better CLICK to buy her book. 

Blog here too 

11.11.21 Behind that long and lonely trenched line

To which men come and go, where brave men die,

There is a yet unmarked and unknown shrine,

A broken plot, a soldier’s cemetery...”  Sgt. John William Streets, killed near Serre on 1st July 1916.

In 2019 my husband took our daughter to watch the women's world cup in France. They took a little detour to see the war graves in Belgium.

6.11.21 Oops we ran over. By 4 seconds. I blame it on Jason. https://www.getrevue.co/profile/randomdialogues/issues/oops-we-ran-over-835207

Join us on Sunday.  Don't be late for eight.

2.11.21  The image below is "Malus Everiste" or Crab Apple tree. Beautiful all year round and incredibly beneficial for bugs, bees and birds. Definitely my favourite tree ever and perfect for our wildlife garden here in Guildford.

I’m posting it for Val of “Learn With Grandma”,  as this week she’s speaking at COP 26, the largest conference in the world. Earlier this year,  she asked me to plant a tree to add to Moses ebook (we've planted several). Please do send over your pics too.  She writes...

“I pray that I am able to convince people that we individuals CAN - all of us - can do 'something' to help save our beautiful world.

I WILL be speaking at COP 26 UN Conference on Climate Change on 12 Nov. At the Future Generations event called ‘Climate, in the Visceral Sense. An Ongoing Story in Three Acts’ I will be at the conference from 2nd to the finale on 12th

I could never have arranged the series of 'happenings; that led to my being asked to speak!

I had a little whinge on Facebook that I could not have a Big Party for my 80th.

Jonas Chabroka Fadweck in Malawi said - We will have a planting day on your Birthday Granny!! I had a lightbulb moment and decided to ask people to Plant a Tree for Granny as my Birthday – it went round the world!

Moses Wamanga has created an e-book Please send your photos and Climate Change comments. This is just the 1st edition!

I became a Climate Cymru Ambassador ( Cymru is the Welsh word for Wales!)

Then Future Generations asked if I would go to COP to speak at their event.

I thought it's too far to go for a day!! I posted a call for help on Facebook and I'm so grateful to the kind lady who invited a stranger to stay!

I told COP team that - should a speaker be unable to come at the last moment; that I have spoken at many international conferences including UNESCO in Paris I was invited to speak – on the main stage – in March 2020! You know what happened!!

COP replied – We also note with interest that you could be a substitute speaker and shall come back to you should the opportunity arise.

It's not likely to happen but God has done wonders so far!

I promise to do what I can to encourage people to believe that we individuals CAN make a difference and we CAN all tell our politicians that - as our Queen has said - we NEED action not promises. All the trees planted for my Birthday appeal will offered to The Queen's Canopy Appeal - you can please 2 granny's with one tree - or Better still plant 2 trees; Plant as many as you can! We can make a difference!...”


Here's a blog I'm updating too. Our video is below.

#cop21 #wildlifegarden #randomdialogues47

1.11.21 Can you guess who this is? Answer in this Friday's  newsletter.

31.10.21 oops we ran over by 4 minutes. I blame it on Jason. We were joined on our 8-Minute Show by Dan Abrahams author, journalist and founder of "Lucky Dollar Clothing" I've known Dan since I was a teenager skating at Thorpe Park, Dan was probably too cool for that.


1984 AGED 12, and because I was working as a Saturday girl at my Dad’s electrical shop in Putney, I got given this fashionable branded Asea dishwasher T-shirt.

Not only an opportunity to earn a commission for every dishwasher I sold (probably none) but also I got such a confidence boost wearing it

The picture was taken in our family garden in Lyne, Chertsey UK. Most of us were @swpsofficial girls, I’d got in on an assisted place, with some gratitude to Maggie Thatcher for this policy.

Next to us is a long green shed which my mum ran a mail order business from. Occasionally helped out by my sister @thinkpurplehartspace and me.

The shed was later equipped with a second hand pool table, darts board, TV and VCR, fruit money machine, sofas and a fish tank. A perfect smoking den for 18 year olds to head to after a night out at the pub with their mates.

Sadly the 1980s recession put a big strain on a shopkeeper in Putney and his marriage. With the constant threat of bailiffs knocking at our door and too many remortgages, we eventually had to say goodbye to our family home and start adventures on our own.

It was certainly a catalyst for new beginnings.

Not sure where the T-shirt washed up.

25.10.21  The Number 8

Inspired by my recent conversations with my good friend and sometime mentor the eccentric and slightly bonkers Jane Tyson, about the number "8"...its okay, I didn't understand it either,

The "What's your number?" pendant.

To be available in white or yellow gold (9ct and 18ct) and silver, approximately 3mm in length. Weights will vary in different metals.

For more information on either The "What's your number?" pendant or anything else please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you



22.0.21 Art of Random

"Honey is a rescue dog, but I am convinced she actually rescued us," said Jason.
More of this week's random dialogues.

20.10.21 8 Reasons To Volunteer

When not working on Martin Baker’s ejector seats, my Grandad Alan designed the fruit pick below. He subsequently made 5 more for the apple trees we used to have growing in our garden in Lyne. Read on...

also mapped in Thortspace


Pam Roy and I had a zoom this week,  we shared our passions for Education Reform.  She's very cool, you can read about her here.


How to be more wealthy



Creativity has been so eroded in our national curriculum, alongside play. It deeply saddens me, as it’s so relaxing and soothing for our children and a natural resilience boost.

The little video clip below was made at this week's "Mum & Child Resilience Boosting" session at Burpham Yurt. It's called "A Field Of Flowers"

Watch it here 

15.9.21 Thought you might like to see this too. 

5.9.21 Burpham Wellfest Last month, at Burpham Wellfest I gave a talk about bolstering kid's resilience, shared my best selling book collaboration, plus facilitated a child-led playful yoga session.

I'm running family wellness sessions in nature here in Guildford too, and online. Contact me for more info ,

27.8.21 Meet Rocket & Groot! Enjoy their story here

19.8.21 So grateful for the lovely feedback below from Kirsty at Woodland Spirits - 

18.8.21 Kirsty, mum of 3, invited me to assist at her "Woodland Spirits" Forest School which is in Reigate, Surrey, UK.  It has been a truly magical, collaborative experience.  We've documented our stories over on our Instagram pages. You may like to read them too - Kirsty's - Jane's 

4.8.21 Why Did Matisse Make His Snail From Paper? Read on

8.8.21  I'm excited to share that I am officially an author! And the amazing book that I have co-written will be out soon.

Meanings Over Milestones is a little book with a big mission: to inspire a world where life meaning is just as important as life milestones and to raise money to support global grassroots projects tackling children's emotional well-being.

It's a collection of over sixty stories from mums - writers and amateurs alike - sharing messages of beliefs, values, purpose and passion for their children.

It's an anthology of hope, transformation, love and so much more. And it will make you reflect, weep or affirm "me too" on every turn of a page.

More soon!

With gratitude to Angharad Davies for making it all happen

Our book is now in paper back and made it to number 1 across 8 categories on Amazon. Read more here.

21.07.21 "Do you ever feel like your brain is too busy to focus on your work? I’m an avid user of To Do lists for getting my busy thoughts on paper, computer, or phone without compromising productivity. Truth be told, I’m also an avid loser and rewriter of said To Do list… I digress." said Dee Read on

7.7.21  More like Rio? Or standing at the door of the pink flamingo?  What's your favourite item of clothing that makes you feel invincible?

For me, it's my dungees.

As a child I wore them too. They were a great match with my denim hat which I used to pin badges onto - it was a cool look, honest.

Sometimes we can imagine putting on a special outfit even if we actually don't.

We can be invisibly invisible.

4.7.21  Saturday's update includes a link about education reform.


"This Is How You Meditate!"

Random Dialogues with Four Year Olds

23.06.21 How do you model problem solving skills with your kids?


22.06.21  Did you have a teacher or tutor that made a difference in your life?

Have you ever said thank you?


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26.12.21 What Is The Point of Boxing Day?

By the way I found little evidence of boxing... read on.