Championing Change through Random Dialogues 

Co-Author: 'Beyond Small Talk' 

We all have a story, right? But not always the opportunity for our story to feel seen and heard, especially when it can help others and make a positive impact. 

My brand is Random Dialogues and my book co-authored with Fraser Hay is called ‘Beyond Small Talk: Networking with Random Dialogues’.

It includes a 3-part elevator pitch,  a killer qualifying question - plus practical tips to succinctly share your story and to help make a meaningful difference not just in the room - even the wider world!

So how much would 1, 3 or 5 new and meaningful connections mean to you right now to help you with this?

My core values are VISION, VITALITY, and VOICE, and I write about a diverse range of topics in my weekly community newsletter and host a virtual speaking platform called “Random Dialogues”.

I'm based in Guildford, Surrey, UK, and I share my squiggly life with my husband, Paul, a journalist, and our two amazing teens.

I'm deeply passionate about education reform, and you can learn more about my work over at Resilient Kids

You may like to check out my FREE monthly Canva for Beginners session,  as this will also teach you how to create engaging collateral to help you share your mission.

My Energiser Hours include a metaphor shift to align you in the right direction. 

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